Kam Tin – Nature

The wildlife of Kam Tin valley is probably the best documented in HK. The reason for this is that the University of HK (situated in Pokfulam, on HK island) use Kadoorie Farm (at the head of Kam Tin valley) as a field station. Some might say that for far too long the academics tended not to range too much further than the cosy farm. The academics … didn’t widely publish much useful research or data which could have been used to protect the environment. Nor for far too long did they wish to dirty their hands with consultancy, preferring instead to sneer from the sidelines.

Kam Tin

Despite the gross pollution of the streams, riverbank (riparian) vegetation (such as this alocasia and sedge) provides a rich habitat for insects which in turn sustain birds and mammals.

Kam Tin

This Asiatic Painted Frog K pulchra pulchra was trapped in a bucket until we came along and liberated it.

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