Ho Sheung Heung hill art

If one takes a trip to Ho Sheung Heung (near Sheung Shui) and climb the hill behind the village (above the riding stables) you can look into the next small valley. I recall that there may have been a rifle range there during the British colonial period. On the hillside above the the rifle range (if it really existed outside my memory) there was a large mural left behind by the military. I can’t clearly read the inscription on my photos (circa 2001-2), but it looks something like a number followed perhaps by ‘battalion’ under either an engineer motif or a bugle. All in all, a pretty useless post really, but I hope someone out there knows enough to help me turn this into a prizewinner.

Phil’s interest prompted me to google around a bit. The bugle, or hunting horn is quite common in British military insignia, but the ‘battalion rifles’ isn’t so common. The 10th gurkhas had both, but they also featured the kukris which aren’t on the hillside motif. Here’s a similar badge shown at the Imperial War Museum website.

10 responses to “Ho Sheung Heung hill art

  1. the hills here used to be covered in battalion emblems, including Tai Sek Mo itself (the hill you were standing on when you took this snap). As far as I know the only remaining one is the HK Volunteers badge on the hill above Gallipoli Lines. I think it is still maintained on a voluntary basis and is even visible from Google earth.

    • When I was putting this post together, I had a look on the google satellite map to see if I could make a clearer impression of my ‘discovery’, but couldn’t find it, or any others. I probably wasn’t looking in the right place.

  2. anyway, to add to that it looks like the “Rifles” emblem. You can just make out the word on the lower right and of course the horn shape at the bottom above the writing. Great stuff Angus. Got any more?

    • Do you know the full inscription? Xth Battalion Rifles?? This is the only photo I have. Did you ever get to the WWII defence lines near Lion Rock with all the British St names? They would be an interesting topic.

  3. Here you are Angus, put these coordinates into Googleearth.

    114° 9’9.52″E

    and you should be able to see the well-kept HK Regiment emblem.

  4. Angus, the ecellent people behind the HKhikers website have got in touch with me and told me they have found your military insignia on the hillside above the firing range (so the western flank of the hill). You can find their pictures at the following link:


    and search for the entry that is listed as: 大石磨再尋軍徽 19/4/2015

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