Monk fruit / Luo Han Guo

Monk fruit / Luo Han Guo

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Ever heard of this fruit? Well it’s becoming seemingly popular as a 100% natural sweetener.

(Native to southern China and Thailand)

I have been finding it in many worldwide produced products now replacing unhealthy artificial sugars.

  • Monk fruit has 0 calories
  • 500 times sweeter than regular sugar
  • Also used to prevent coughs and colds and stomach issues
  • Believed to promote longevity
  • Discovered my Buddhist monks around 800 years ago!
  • Won’t spike your blood sugar (safe for diabetics)
  • Can be infused into hot water to make healthy tea

Add it to any foods you want sweetened. Try it out.

It is available under the product namesnectresse or ez sweetz or monk fruit in the raw.

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