Hung Shui Kiu

About 2km along the highway from Yuen Long to Tuen Mun lay an extremely unprepossessing area called Hung Shui Kiu. I use the past tense (lay) because the intention around the turn of the century was to build a new town of 200,000 people from scratch. The town’s new inhabitants were expected by the Planning Department to come from China, though how they were expected to earn a living was never explained. Perhaps they could compete with HKers for part time jobs dressing up as oversized mice, talking ducks and idiotic dogs.

A circle was drawn around Hung Shui Kiu on the map because it looked as if there was nothing of value to slow development.


View from the hills above Hung Shui Kiu towards Tin Shui Wai (on the left) and Yuen Long on the horizon.


Crimson Dropwing Trithemis aurora

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