Surprising Hong Kong


Photos from a 7 year journey through lesser known parts of Hong Kong before, during and after ‘the Handover’. I’d like to share HK’s good, bad and ugly. Visitors to HK (and far too many of its residents) are unaware of the rich ecology and wild landscapes – unfortunately, greedy and would-be property developers were trashing HK’s lowland wetlands during the period I lived and worked there as a consultant.

Hong Kong 85_14

Some temporary residents.

More, including up-close-and-personal photos with Chris Patten here

Locations of Site Visitors

6 responses to “Surprising Hong Kong

    • Praise indeed , from an old pro like yerself! Thanks. I’ll see if there are any widgets I can insert to make navigation a bit easier. Readers should check Kirsty’s photo blog which is linked to the samalbahaykubo blog.

  1. Fascinating stuff. The amount of greenery in Hong Kong is a shock to those that bother to look for it.

    I first lived in Hong Kong in the late ’80s. Then again from 1996 to 1999. I’m trying to re-arrange my life so I can live there again.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Most visitors to HK never get beyond the air conditioned shopping malls. I was never happier than when I was out in the country parks. Thanks for taking the time to view.

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